Vector artwork has clean, crisp edges, is color separated into spot colors, and will retain its sharpness and proportion with edited.  All type/text as part of the file must have been outlined to produce the sharpest edges of the letters as possible.


A scanned image (.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tiff, .pdf) or art created in a photo/paint program is not considered vector art and may not be acceptable for most imprinting methods.
We have a "clean up" service to correct an image to be used in imprinting.  Cost is minimal, just ask us.

We suggest that prior to placing your order, you send a copy of your artwork and any questions regarding it's printability
to us via email.  We will review it and make recommendations for achieving the best imprint possible.

Decoration Methods

Embroidery - direct application of thread onto fabric such as woven shirts, polo shirts, jackets, hats, and other wearable garments.  Adds a high perceived value to your logo.  Usually up to 9 thread colors available to match your logo.
Screen Printing - direct application using a fine mesh screen to apply single color ink to fabric or other product catagories.
Multiple colors are available in addition to raised, puffed, and glitter processes.  Often used for tee shirt applications.
Pad Printing - direct application of ink offset from a "sponge" which comes into contact with the product which is curved or has an irregular shape or surface.  Most often used for low dollar value items because of the economy of production.
Laser Engraving - a high intensity light "scratches" the surface of the product or burns the surface causing a change in color
for visibility.  Very fine detail can be created yet contrast against the surface color can be a challenge.  Most often used for
glass and metal products and has a high perceived value.
Hot Stamping - a heat process whereby a colored film (usually metallic gold or silver) is heated and the imprint is transferred
to the product.  Provides a high perceived value yet fine detail is not available. 

There are other methods used and we would be happy to explain the benefits and limitations available.  Please note that all
products may not be available to each method, yet the appropriate method will be used in the production of your order.  If
you would like more detail about this topic, we have created a PDF file you can download now.

Artwork / Decoration

For most uses, vector artwork is required.

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